Linux Training and Networking Workshop

Most computer users in Indonesia are using the Windows operating system. This is because Windows is the operating system that is complex but easy to understand, and the habits of the people who have been using windows since the first so familiar with the default view of Windows. But apart from that, Windows has some drawbacks such as weak security systems that are susceptible to the virus and the Windows operating system is a commercially licensed expensive so most users are using pirated versions.

Consideration of the use of the election of the first open source software is a low economic value. Second, freedom in duplicate, distribute, use software and even change the content to fit the needs. Third, open source is legal. Fourth, open source is more resistant to the virus, and the fifth is the freedom of choice for many software options that can be used.

Workshop Linux dan Jaringan Therefore, Informatics Engineering Program, University of Mataram held “Linux Training and Networking Workshop” which aims to understand the basics of building a computer network infrastructure. Linux is a free open source operating formidable and became the backbone of the development of applications and services on the internet and is used by many Internet service providers with a large scale.

Linux Training and Networking Workshop held for 3 (three) days from the date of January 16 to January 18, 2014. The workshop was attended by students of Information Engineering University of Mataram all forces. The purpose of this activity is for participants to understand the basics of building a computer network infrastructure, introduces participants to the Linux Operating System, introduces participants to the world of programming and Networking.

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