Optimization Usable of Laboratory Equipment Workshop

An important component in obtaining high quality research is the availability of standard research tools that research results obtained (data and information) may be published in both national and international standards. Recognizing the importance of research equipment tersetandar, Mataram University in recent years has made a few investments and procurement of laboratory equipment bersedandar research in different faculties and laboratories at the University of Mataram. In this way Mataram University Rector Prof Sunarpi, Ph.D. expect gradual studies done by academicians Unram to achieve national and international reputation through publications, patents and rights Feasibility Intelektural (IPR).

It is recognized that some problems arise in various research laboratories with new equipment is held is one of them, can not be optimized equipment utilization due to constraints on the experience and skills of the labor laboratory technicians to operate the equipment. Seeing this constraint, when the Rector Unram visited several universities in Japan in the early mid-November last year, to discuss efforts to optimize the use lalboratorium with some leaders of the University in Japan one of Fukusima University in Japan.

The results of the follow-up of agreements during the visit to Japan one is Fukusima University sent three experts instumentasi the Assistant Professornya Ph.D. Masao Miyake. So Sato MD, Ph.D., and Ying Jianhua the third has a vast expertise in the use of laboratory equipment. On 20-24 December 3 Assistant Professor who is very experienced in the use of tools of this study provide wokshop on site at the Laboratory of Analytical and Laboratory Imunobiologi Definitely Faculty of Natural Sciences and the University of Mataram. Training on site was also conducted at the Faculty of Food Technology and Agro-Industry in Use of High Pressure Gas Chromatrography and Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). This workshop on power allocation laboratory technicians and lecturers of the Faculty and the University FATEPA Mataram. Hope the Rector of the University of Mataram with this workshop is to improve the academic community Unram utilization of laboratory equipment for research activities and to service delivery functions (clinical lab). The team of Fukusima University conducted intensive discussions with several academicians Unram to use the opportunity to provide direction joint research with several universities in Japan with a comprehensive range of equipment owned Unram (Part Cooperation University of Mataram).

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